Test Results

Wow, that was fast!!

We got our results and they're NEGATIVE across the board! Phewf!


Now let me clear up a few things, because mostly I have received immensely supportive messages, but of course there's always going to be a few that need a little extra explanation.

When the Covid19 regulations hit, I was less than thrilled and expressed a ton of anxiety and displeasure about wearing a mask. I also expressed my feelings against believing that Covid19 is a "real thing" and because some feel the need for me to explain myself, here it goes.

I still have many of these same strong feelings and beliefs, however I have learned out of respect to others that I need to control my thoughts and feelings and keep them to myself. I have learned to wear a mask despite it giving me severe anxiety and depression. Often I have to remove it in a safe situation to give myself a minute to catch my breath and calm down. Despite my uncomfortable feelings, I am wearing my mask in public to keep others comfortable and feeling safe, not for my protection and certainly not my comfort. I am wearing the mask when I go into businesses because I am showing my support and understanding to others during these difficult times.

This worker that came into OUR space without a mask on was allowed in the space freely as everyone is, being trusted that they are healthy and capable to work. I did not ask him to put on a mask because I am assuming that he either has exception to not wear one or is feeling healthy and well enough to be at work. I could NOT have known that he had gone and had a Covid19 test and shown up to work without knowing his results. They could/should have shown us the same respect that we show others when we're not in our bubble. Weather anyone agrees with having a "bubble" or not, I'm keeping my personal judgements to myself as should everyone that wasn't involved.

What he did was reckless and I would have felt the same if it was "just the flu" he had or really any other communicable disease for that matter, but it wasn't. It was COVID19, the killer "flu" bug that is ruining society as we know it. Turning people against each other in ways that are unimaginable. I mentioned he should be charged for not wearing a mask and knowingly endangering dozens of people. That has since been compared with a previous post about me going into a local shop and freaking out about having to wear a mask. Those were real emotions during a difficult time and although my reaction wasn't "ok" it can NOT be compared to someone recently having had a Covid test and then knowingly subject innocent people to the potential of this "deadly virus". NOT same same.

I am so incredibly grateful for the support and positive thoughts during this challenging time. Most have been absolutely amazing! To the few that felt in important to send me your opinions or views of how my stories contradict with each other, you need to take another read. I don't owe anyone an explanation, but I was truthfully shocked and hurt. I am simply writing from my point of view and voicing MY very real emotions. My goal is to reach the millions of hurt souls in this world that can relate to the impossible situation that is going on today and find support from one another.

Please stay safe, and know that your emotions are valued and your feelings are so real and they're being felt by millions around the world every day.



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