Covid19 Exposure.

I don't even know where to begin...

On Friday January 29th the day started off just fine, everything as normal. Our bubble showed up to work and went about the day painting, hammering and getting renos completed. Later that evening I received an email stating that one of the workers from outside our bubble had come to work with us on Friday and found out that they have a positive Covid test result from the Covid test they took the previous day.

That's right, this person went about their whole day knowing they were sick and knowing they had taken a Covid test the previous day. The clincher, because I know you're all wondering. They were NOT wearing a mask. Despite protocol, common sense, safety for others and KNOWING they were sick. This person came to OUR work site knowing they could be a carrier and didn't notify anyone until after they had exposed dozens of people all week long. I'm not kidding, this absolutely blows my mind. If this isn't reckless endangerment, I don't know what is???

Needless to say, several of us have taken Covid tests and will know in the next couple of days what the results are. In the meantime everyone who was exposed is currently in quarantine and following the proper protocol. Our main priority is to ensure the health and safety of our crew in order to keep our community safe as well.

I want to be clear that even if this is "just a flu", it is not JUST the fear of contracting Covid that is the only problem. Rather the wage loss, expense, delays, frustration and inconvenience this causes dozens of people because of one persons horrible actions. Not to mention several of us actually possibly having Covid to deal with on top of it all. I will send an update in the next couple of days, however for the next couple of weeks all classes will be cancelled and customers notified and refunded.

I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience and I look forward to the day that we can safely gather again.


Santana Brown

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