2510 Pleasant Valley Blvd.

How are you doing?

I feel like I'm hiding in a little den this week waiting out the cold winter to pass. But actually we're waiting for $30k worth of insolation to be blown back into the building after removing the asbestos a few weeks back. The insolation guys tell us we can't be in the building while they apply it. I keep telling myself that this will all pay off, it will all be worth it. We will have a stunning new space to call our own, if we don't go broke first.

This is an endeavor I NEVER could have imagined I would have the opportunity to partake in. I couldn't have foreseen purchasing and renovating a 1942 building along side some of the most amazing people in my life. I wake up every morning and pinch myself that this is happening. I'm not even gonna lie, I'm proud AF. Amongst also being terrified, anxious, nervous and ready to run away at any given moment. I'm also telling myself that I can do this and that despite it's many challenges these moments are setting me up for the next steps in life.

Each and every day I feel like I'm taking on a new adventure, a new path in this life, a new discovery about both myself and this building. I feel like this building has been a metaphor for my life's path in a sense. I have removed several layers from the walls to expose the beautiful and not so beautiful past this building has endured. Rotting trusses, broken pipes, live electrical wires, garbage, life. I have also exposed beautiful wood beams, stunning shiplap and even an old receipt book detailing transactions of the people that travelled through this building in the 50's. Like myself, this building has been through a lot, life has not always been easy but I see our future together and it is so fucking bright.

This building is not just 4 walls. It has a soul and an energy and it's palpitating throughout. I can feel the excitement for it's new adventures with our community and our family and friends. I can also tell you that this structure has been loved by so many over it's mere 79 years of existence. I feel humbled by this whole experience.

We can't wait to share the energy and house powerful workshops and events with amazing teachers from near and far. We want to offer these beautifully curated spaces to our community to enjoy for private events and special offerings as well as collaborations between the collective and other local businesses.

Our dynamic new space offers a 550 sqft studio with stunning reclaimed antique metal ceiling tiles, exposed wood beam and even the original fireplace stack. The ceiling tiles were removed from an old church in Saskatchewan. We were so lucky to have Allen's Antiques source these for us. We have created a wheelchair friendly bathroom for convenience and accessibility. Currently Tanya Snow is offering limited in studio and online yoga classes (see schedule) in this space. The studio is beautiful and welcoming and we excitedly await the opportunities to grow in this space.

Renos will start in the one bedroom apartment that will host Armstrong's finest short term rental space. Coming this Spring, we will bring you The Noble Suites. Furnished locally with custom antique finds and dressed with hand selected items from local entrepreneurs we will offer a cozy sleeping quarters for people to come and enjoy the beauty our community has to offer.

Later this summer we will start the renovations on our soon to be retail and Bean & Brew spot. This February we will launch our online store with beautiful handmade works of art and we're excited to be able to offer a location to come in and browse these items as well as grab a fresh brewed beverage and relax.

Noble Wellness Collective is not "just" a yoga studio, but rather a community space for gathering and collaborating. Noble will be a space of love, acceptance, gratitude and most importantly compassion and caring for everyone involved.

We can't wait to see you all very soon.

Santana Brown.

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